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All-in-one cyber security tool for small businesses worldwide

Guard Against Data Breaches

Continuously monitor email account, website and domain name for vulnerabilities and latest breaches

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Small businesses learn to protect vital information online with how to guides.

GDPR Compliance

Ensure your websites and do not leak customer information online, mitigate risk and protect customer data.

Essential Cyber Security for small and medium sized businesses

Safeweb utilises proprietary technology to constantly analyse and protect small business websites and email addresses from the dark web and breaches of secure data.

A data breach can not only be costly for a small business but could also effect its GDPR compliance, staying compliant is essential for businesses of all sizes.

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The Cyber Security Tool for Small Businesses

Safeweb can help any business or individual with sensitive data on the Web. This includes data on trusted websites – no system is infallible to the risk of data breaches.

With the knowledge that SafeWeb provides, you can act to mitigate the risks of a data breach, reducing spam emails and scam phone calls and potentially avoiding fraudulent activity.

How your data ends up on the Dark Web

The dark web is an area of the internet not accessible via regular search engines. It’s a concealed space where data is bought and sold. Cybercriminals target both individuals and businesses, stealing data and posting it to the dark web for criminal purposes.

Data can end up on the dark web in several ways, including through data breaches, using public Wi-Fi, visiting a nonsecure website, and leaving an offline paper trail. A cybercriminal may hack into company databases and take personal data, such as email account addresses, passwords, and phone numbers.

How could the Dark Web affect you?

The anonymity of the Dark Web makes it a haven for cybercriminals who want to profit by buying and selling data. Data is valuable — once compromised, cybercriminals can exploit it via identity theft and fraud. This could be potentially disastrous for you or your business if you’re left unaware of a data breach.

Safewebs proprietary dark web monitoring service monitors over 100k email accounts worldwide.

How can SafeWeb protect you?

SafeWeb’s Dark Web Monitoring performs enhanced searches of the Dark Web and notifies you if sensitive data is found, so you can immediately take action to protect your data and your business.

Constant monitoring, employee email dark web usage and monitoring for bank and credit card details online can save your company thousands.

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